The Advantages of Buying a Period Property in Prime Central London

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

Explore the Appeal of Buying Period Architecture in Prime Central London


Prime Central London boasts a wealth of architectural styles. Indeed, this is one of the many features that render this cosmopolitan city such an attractive place to live. A stroll through some of London’s most renowned areas, such as Mayfair or Kensington and Chelsea, will reveal a treasure trove of elegant period homes, sometimes set adjacent to sleek contemporary buildings.

Whether they date from the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian eras, period property for sale in Prime Central London are often highly sought after as places to live or as real estate investments. Often when buyers are looking for Mayfair property for sale or Mayfair lettings, they will specify period features as something they desire, many of which can be found, for example in this elegant Georgian townhouse in Charles Street.

Some of the most iconic examples of period properties throughout Prime Central London include: the houses designed by Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia in the mid-nineteenth century, the buildings constructed of Portland stone in the Knightsbridge’s prestigious Ennismore Gardens and the grand classical and gothic architecture of John Nash’s Regent Park terraced homes.

Yet, what is it specifically about these properties that buyers and owners find so desirable? Here are just a few of the qualities that period homes display which make them so appealing to discerning purchasers of London real estate.


Character and Charm

While there is a great deal to recommend new build developments (such as their integration of the latest technological advances, along with their growing inclusion of concierge services, gymnasiums and pools), period properties offer something that newer buildings sometimes struggle to provide, character.

Both externally and internally, period homes in Prime Central London tend to showcase architectural aspects and design flourishes that impart great character and charm. From facades with Georgian colonnades and porticoes or Victorian bay windows to interiors with solid wood floors, fireplaces or intricate cornices, period buildings provide stylish, high-quality aspects and elements that make them stand apart in a modern world where mass production has become the norm.



In a similar vein, London period property can frequently claim to be architecturally or stylistically unique in some fashion. After all, having stood the test of time, these buildings will usually have undergone at least one or two conversions over their lifespans. In the course of these renovations, as each successive owner has put their stamp on a home, the property can gain a rich patina of design features that, when taken together, produces a completely original property. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to find two period homes that are even similar, much less exactly the same.

Those who value uniqueness in their home simply cannot go wrong buying a period residence in Prime Central London. Plus, they will have the extra bonus of being able to add their own particular mark to their home.




Space is at an absolute premium in Central London. Because this is such a popular city in which to live, every square foot is highly valued. For this reason, newer construction can be designed to conserve room. This can not only mean more limited interior space, but also lower ceilings.

Yet, period properties generally tend to buck this trend. In fact, this is where one of the greatest advantages of period properties shows up. Due to the fact that these buildings were erected in times when London was less crowded, period homes tend to provide more spacious interiors (and in some cases exteriors as well). This can manifest in the form of both bigger rooms, as well as more rooms, since servants’ quarters were often a part of the architectural plans during earlier eras. High ceilings are also quite a standard feature of period properties, making them seem even larger and more expansive.

This particular benefit of period properties for sale in Prime Central London offers a draw for potential purchasers that cannot be overemphasised. After all, while it may be possible to make many changes to a building in densely populated Central London, it’s usually extremely difficult, if not completely impossible, to appreciably expand a home’s size.

For those in search of a period property for sale in London, Pastor Real Estate has the resources, experience and expertise to help you locate and secure your perfect historical home. At Pastor Real Estate, we are able to harness our extensive database of listings and unrivalled network of contacts, in order to ensure that you find that ideal period property for sale in Prime Central London that best fits your specifications, meets you needs and matches up with your wishes.



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