Interview with Philip Cook of Pastor Real Estate’s New Chelsea Office

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Introduction to Real Estate in Chelsea


Pastor Real Estate has established an impeccable reputation over the years, within the highly sought after Prime Central London neighbourhood of Mayfair. Part of the renowned Monaco-based Pastor-group of companies, Pastor Real Estate is considered to be one of the most successful and community-centric independent estate agents in central London. In the last quarter of 2017, the company expanded into a new region when it opened an office dedicated to serving the Chelsea real estate market.


Philip Cook Chelsea Real Estate Agent

The factors that led Pastor Real Estate to take this decision included sharply increased client demand and signs of continued growth in the sector. The company intends to help meet the property needs of the Kensington and Chelsea community by bringing its extensive experience and expertise, as well as its impressive database of listings and network of connections. In its role as dedicated Chelsea estate agents, Pastor Real Estate greatly looks forward to being able to contribute its combined skills and knowledge to this historic and unique Prime Central London area.


In this interview, Sales Negotiator Philip Cook, an integral member of Pastor Real Estate’s Chelsea office, discusses what the company plans to offer to its local clientele and comments on what might lie ahead for the Chelsea real estate market. With almost 10 years of property experience within the Kensington and Chelsea neighbourhood, Philip has witnessed much change and expansion in the region over the past decade.


How does Pastor Real Estate view its entry into the Chelsea market?


Philip Cook:  At Pastor Real Estate we are gratified to have earned, over the years, a reputation for excellence. When it comes to our presence in the Kensington and Chelsea area, we plan to remain true to the high standards we have set in our Mayfair offices.

With that as our guiding principle, we plan to take on sales and lettings instructions within the local area on properties ranging from studios to six-bedroom houses, and from finished products to refurbishment projects.

Pastor Real Estate Chelsea Agency

When you speak of the “local area”, what exact region will you cover as Chelsea estate agents?


Philip Cook: Our Pastor Real Estate Chelsea office will be focused on developing professional relationships within the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as an area. We feel that given the expertise and knowledge of the Borough we are well positioned to manage this fantastic location of London.

What types of clients are typically drawn to invest, live or let in the Kensington and Chelsea area?


Philip Cook: What our experience has taught us is that families, investors and retired people make up a large percentage of those who tend to buy properties within this region. On the other hand, those looking to let are often young professionals or clients with relocation packages.

The fact that purchasers and renters in the region usually provide such different resident profiles can actually present Chelsea estate agents with a challenge, as it requires sales and lettings teams to find a way to serve a wide set of varied client needs, while still consolidating efforts and resources.

Due to our considerable experience and our broad portfolio and wealth of contacts, this is something that Pastor Real Estate is not only well aware of, but also well equipped to deal with, in a way that best suits the interests of all our clientele.

Chelsea Real Estate

What sorts of properties do you find are most coveted by buyers in the Kensington and Chelsea real estate market?


Philip Cook:  This question highlights several answers depending on the identities and/or circumstances of those looking to purchase or let within the local area. At Pastor Real Estate, we pride ourselves on our ability to learn about and then hopefully exceed the specific needs and wishes of each of our clients.

Although, as previously mentioned, our clients have many different priorities and requirements, there is one type of property that it seems the majority is interested in – those located on squares within Chelsea and Kensington. Anything on a square in SW3 and SW7 is always in high demand as it offers the resident a moment of relaxation and scenic beauty within a city. This holds true for both sales and lettings, making it one thing that purchasers and renters want in common.

Aside from this category, the variety of preferences range from client to client and we look to service this to the highest of standards. From previous experience, I have found that clients from Europe, America and Russia will tend to favour houses, in particular families who would like access to a private garden. Clients from the Middle East have been attracted to grand lateral apartments set within a building that is draped in character and history, similar to our clients from the Far East, however, new developments are also considered a good investment as they offer amenities such as security, leisure facilities and a closer sense of a common community.

SW1 Property for sale and to let

What specialist knowledge involving the Chelsea real estate market or the region in general do you need to call upon to help better serve your clients’ needs?


Philip Cook: In addition to keeping abreast of what properties usually most appeal to people from different parts of the world or clients with families, one topic that we really need to know a great deal about in the Kensington and Chelsea real estate market are the schools and their impact on local communities. One of the biggest reasons why families seek to own homes or live in the area is due to the quality of the schools in the Borough.

As Chelsea estate agents, therefore, it’s our responsibility to know as much as we can about the schools in the area so that we can offer useful guidance to our clients who are interested in a particular school. It’s vital, for example, that we let parents know if a certain school requires that their pupils live within walking distance. Families need to know, for instance, that they need to live within a limited proximity to the Bousfield School if they wish to have priority consideration to have their children enrolled there. And, the same rule applies for the Fox school in Kensington. These are considered to be the two of the best primary schools, amongst a list of other exceptional schools, in the Borough.

So, if a family is specifically choosing to buy a home in this area in part because of their children’s education, then it’s our duty to supply them with the expert advice that they need to make the right choice about not only where to live, but how their property’s location could affect their child’s ability to attend the school of their choice.

Welcome to Chelsea SW1, London

Finally, are there any exciting things that lie ahead for those looking to buy, invest or let a property in Kensington and Chelsea in the near future?


Philip Cook: To begin with, the area is on an upward slope in terms of demand. This is fairly clear from the fact that Chelsea is seeing a lot of investments for new build properties, such as the Chelsea Barracks development which is due to complete 2024, as well as the upcoming luxury development 36a Glebe Place to compete with One Hyde Park.

There has never been a better time for buyers to consider the Prime Central London property market as an investment for the future whether it be for personal or financial purposes. London continues to prove a leader in the world where it continues to grow due to its financial infrastructure, public health systems and a popular tourist destination.



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